Texas is another country...

Texas is another country...I have driven into Texas from all four directions and can affirm that after crossing that imaginary state line you just know you are in Texas . The world becomes wide open space, the sky feels higher, you can stretch out and rest a spell.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014


When I lived in New York I knew loads of people who spent loads of money eating in restaurants and had a couple of friends who never made a meal at home.  They ordered in or ate out.  In Los Angeles, people don’t eat out so much as they grab a smoothie or a juice, and that substitutes for a meal. 

I like to eat at home.  And I like to make my own food from scratch – pancakes, spaghetti sauces, souffl├ęs.  One thing I’ve never been able to do successfully is to bake bread.  And I have the best recipe in the world for it.  My grandmother’s. 

She’d make up a week’s worth of dough and store it in a drawer in the kitchen.  In the morning, after she’d fired up her wood stove, she’d grab handfuls of dough, shape them in a pan and bake up the best yeast rolls I’ve ever tasted.  After they were baked, there was plenty of fresh butter for them because Grandma milked a cow every morning, skimmed off the cream, and shook it into butter in a gallon jar.

My cousin wrote to our grandma asking for the recipe for the biscuits and this is the recipe that Grandma wrote out.  If you are successful in baking from this recipe, please let me know.

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Are you familiar with Homestead in Ft Worth?

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ajaygirl said...

Are you familiar with Homestead in Ft Worth?